Our Story!

Courage socks was an idea from our courageous little warrior Colton, who has been battling a rare immune disease for the past three years.  One day, he had an idea to design socks to help those fighting big battles feel courageous.  His mission throughout his illness has always been letting people know how brave he is.  Our goal with Courage Socks is to provide courage through the power of socks to children, adults, and patients who are going through a stressful situation.

LC's Courage

Even though Courage Socks was an idea from our little warrior, LC's Courage is something very dear to our hearts.

 At the beginning of Colton's illness, his Grandpa was diagnosed with Glioblastoma brain cancer and gained his angel wings in January 2018. When coming up with our business name we knew we had to incorporate our superhero because he was the definition of courage, strength, and bravery and was someone our boys looked up to very much.  The flexing arms on our logo are what Colton calls his Grandpa's superhero angel wings.

In the midst of coming up with our business name, we learned Carson our oldest son, also carries the same gene mutation as Colton.    

LC's Courage is a collaboration of Larry, our superhero in heaven, and our two courageous boys Carson and Colton, who are supporting each other through their illness.  Together they make LC's Courage and we couldn't be more excited to take our struggles and turn them into positives by giving back to those fighting big battles, whatever they may be.

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